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Alaska’s Commemorative Fifty Dollar Bill


• Limited Edition 50,000
• Features our first state governor, William A. Egan.
• Fourteen Official Alaska State Symbols.
• Original fine art by Alaska artist Jeanne Engesath.
• Links the rich culture of the past with the determination for a bright future.


• Recalls the magnificent history of The Great State and her fifty years of statehood.
• Low cost investment now with strong potential for reaching face value and beyond.
• A simple and inexpensive way for all Alaskans to celebrate our Golden Jubilee.
• Perfect gift for family and friends.
• Wonderful keepsake for yourself.
• Excellent Reseller Program.

Forces driving Value Appreciation

1. Exquisite Alaskan artwork presentation.
2. Limited Edition 50K.
3. Unique serial number for each Commemorative Bill.
4. Sense of ownership in a piece of Alaska Culture.

Begin your celebration now:
Alaska Statehood Golden Jubilee
Fifty Years of Statehood (1959-2009).
Be a holder of this extraordinary cultural icon.
Please act soon to ensure your purchase of this limited edition of only 50K.