To be a reseller requires no contract. By virtue of your purchase of The Bills you may resell.
We guarantee your wholsale prices will not change, but expect retail value to increase as we approach The Golden Jubilee of 2009!
Along with wholesale purchasing of The Commemorative Bills, your many benefits as a reseller are as follows.

You are invited to be a Reseller of
Alaska’s Commemorative Fifty Dollar Bill

With the upcoming Alaska Statehood Golden Jubilee, Prince of Wales Company invites you to
celebrate these fifty years of statehood (1959-2009) as a Reseller of the new
Alaska Commemorative Fifty Dollar Bill. Being a limited edition of only 50K,
please act soon to ensure your participation!

To be a reseller you must Register Now and request the number of packs you wish to reserve.

You will be notified by email when your order is available

Prince of Wales Company
589 South Road
Thorne Bay AK 99919


• Participation of your company in the statewide celebrations.
• Create the spirit of the Golden Jubilee among your customers.
• Bring new customers into your place of business.
• Gain a large “time jump” on the sales of a hot item.
• Buy the Commemorative Bills at an unprecedented low cost.
• Sell the Commemorative Bills this year for a good price.
• Hold the Commemorative Bills for longer time periods for even greater returns.
• When face value of the Commemorative $50 Bill is reached,
those who buy at this year’s prices will have made over 1200 percent.

Easy Promotion Techniques
• Display the enclosed “On Sale Here” poster (two more sent free with order).
• Talk it up with your employees, associates, friends, and customers.
• Advertise The Bill in usual ways or more broadly on your website and other smart media.
• Make copies for customers of “Why Buy Alaska’s Commemorative Bill” flyer.

Purchase Alaska Commemorative $50 Bill Packs at Wholesale Prices
1. Send your check for the number of packs you wish to order ($300 per pack).
2. BE CLEAR in attaching your phone number and shipping address.
3. Your order will be immediately shipped US Priority Mail free of charge and tax.
4. Along with your sturdy pack(s) of Alaska Commemorative $50 Bills, you will also receive
our “On Sale Here” color poster,

Cost Information
Wholesale $3.00 Suggested Retail $10.00

Your (wholesale) Cost 1 Pack (100 bills) $300
Retail Sales 1 Pack (100 bills) $1000
Face Value 1 Pack (100 bills) $5000

You are free, of course, to set the best sales price for your area.
Expect higher retail sales prices as the Golden Jubilee draws nearer, perhaps reaching full face value.

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