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Look over these categories in deciding which of your photos you wish to send, or what photos you plan to go after in your next saunter around the Island. You may also make suggestions for adding categories. Check out the blue links – We're already charging forward!
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The purpose of Prince of Wales is to showcase one of the most extraordinary beauties of planet earth. Not a day, not an hour, not even a moment goes by but something of this far flung paradise raises a stir in the heart and puts a smile on the face of every resident and visitor so intune to the brilliance of this island. Those of us who have heard the clarion call are working now on this project as a labor of love. You too may be one of those folks who just want to keep building this amazing site in an attempt to show off some of the extraordinary and special moments you may capture through the lens, and thereby share with others here and around the world the true grace of a north pacific island paradise. . . Prince of Wales Island.

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At any time of day or night you may email us with your name, email address, snail mail address, and phone number and attach up to five photos for inclusion in this website. It may take a few days to get yours integrated to the proper nitch, so you will have to be a little patient. If you follow the specifications below, there is ever reason to believe your photos will be entered. We will note a copyright in your name with each photo included on the website.

Here are the specifications for entering your photos:

1) only original works 2) have permission from any person who appears up front in your photoss 3) agree to allow us to use your photos for the duration of our project 4) size no more than 500 KB per photo 5) send no more than five photos per week 6) photos must have a name or a caption, the latter being no more than 20 words 7) photos must speak with eloquence to the heart, mind and soul
8) no monitary compensation will be paid {the mental, emotional and spiritual compensation should be great} 9) alone determines all acceptable entries

Send Name and Personal Info and attach photos (gifs if possible) per above to: